Bits of Fluff and Nonsense

The Cosmos.  Or some dust.  You tell me.

The Cosmos.  Or some dust.  You tell me.

It's been a spot of bother focusing this week.  I stopped long enough to count the projects I have going simultaneously and came up with no less than four.  That is a lot for me, because when I say "simultaneously" I mean that they are all actually in my lap at the same time.  My attention span has dwindled to the flick of an eyelash, and I'll actually put one of them down, mid-row, and pick up another one every time the urge strikes.  This is extremely erratic behavior for me, and I don't mind telling you that my progress on any of the four is negligible.  I normally approach my knitting with the directness of a surface-to-air missile.  No distractions, no side trips; Surgical Strike.  I describe myself as "result-oriented", and usually operate with singular purpose.  Phillip refers to me as "freakin' relentless".  To-MAY-to; To-MAH-toe, whatever.

So in my lap last night were The Frog Prince, the Knot Garden, a stray mitten which wandered into my project queue, and a new sock.  Too weird.  I'm trying to roll with it - maybe this is a new and improved way of working for me?  On the other hand, what if I am actually undermining real progress on any of these items because I don't want to finish them for some reason?  Never mind.  I know this particular forest path, and going down it will result in a knitter who is neither more self-aware, nor closer to a finished sleeve...

In more coherent news, my book tour has begun to flesh itself out into a real, breathing being, thanks to the assistance of my new Whizzbang Publicist.  There are actual dates on a calendar, and plane tickets and everything.  I always wanted to be a road warrior!  Of course, every promotional tour needs its own title.  I was going to ask you for your input, but then I realized that you haven't read the book yet, so it might be hard to get inspiration.  Instead, please comment and vote for one of the following, should you be so inclined:
        1.    The Left at Albuquerque Tour
        2.    The Relentless Atomic Knitting Book Tour
        3.    The "Oh please, not another book tour with a rock-concert name" Tour

Your input is appreciated.  The big news of the week is that my official book launch will take place at none other than the Duchess County Sheep and Wool Festival, in beautiful Rhinebeck, NY.  Check my calendar page for updates beginning in October, and if you'd like me to make a stop at your LYS, guild meeting or other gathering, please contact .  I'll give a talk, autograph some books, we'll have a few laughs.  There's also a trunk show, and I'm teaching classes when possible, too.

I'm off this weekend to pet the sheep at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival.  Phillip and the smallies have elected to join me.  I was surprised by this development until they pointed out that the last time I was allowed at a fiber festival without supervision, I came home with a whole raw fleece.  These people.  Geez!  You bring home one little sheep and everybody turns into the Fiber Gestapo.