In Which It Rains in the Desert, A Faery is Blocked and Paisley Encounters Wildlife

The big news is that Desert Rain is ready for prime time.  It's here for download, and over on Ravelry, as well.  You can buy a gorgeous kit from Abstract Fiber, too, which includes Susan's handpainted yarn, beads, ribbon, and a copy of the pattern ($65).  Kits and patterns will be available at Sock Summit in the marketplace, but if you can't get there, just drop Susan an-e-mail and she'll be happy to send you one.

The somewhat smaller news is that I have blocked the Red Faery

Only 2 sleeves, a hood, and a reeeeaaaaallllly long front edge binding left to go.  Yipe.

Last, a story:

Once Upon A Time, there was a Scottish Terrier named Paisley who liked to run around her neighborhood without a leash every time somebody left the door open.  It happened one summer that the door was left open to let in fresh air late one night while Paisley's mistress muttered and said bad words over some project or other.  While she wasn't looking, Paisley ran all the way to the end of the block, where she met A SKUNK. 

We know it was a skunk because once Paisley was reclaimed, being in a room with her made our eyes water.  The stench was so unimaginable that I actually have been worried that my stash is in danger of picking it up.  Paisley has been scrubbed to within an inch of her small black life.  The clothes we had on have been scoured.  All the windows have been opened.  Joint still stinks like liquid hell.  I'm thinking of having the dog shaved. 

My life is SO glamorous.