Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

I have known for quite some time that this day would arrive.  I didn't know which day it would be, just that sometime, it was coming.

534 days ago I sold an idea to a clever and talented bunch of people.  And today is the day it became reality.

Here it is, standing on my very own desk, with real pages and everything.

I didn't realize until I held it in my (shaking) hands that I secretly suspected it would arrive with all blank pages, or someone else's writing inside, or a title page that said "April Fools!" or something.  Not rational, I know, but the power of doubt is substantial.  Fortunately, so are the powers of optimism and tenacity.  While repeating to myself the mantra that I really could do it, I have also been pinching myself to believe that my book was really happening.  For 534 days.  

I have been wondering if, when it finally arrived, I would have the intestinal fortitude to read it again.  I surprised myself by actually wanting to.  And read it I did, cheered on by the smallies, who chose it for their bedtime story.  Higher praise, I could not ask.

Hope you like it, too.