Holding Pattern

The Red Faery slowly and surely progresses.  I'm maybe 3" shy of having the back done, and then it's time to block.  The temperature on Wednesday in Portland was 105 Fahrenheit, and there I was with a lap full of wool.  We have no AC at our house, so my living room was a blast furnace.  I contemplated the stupidity of working on a big woolly sweater in that kind of heat, and decided that it was a lot like when chickens drown from being too stupid to get out of the rain.  I admitted defeat and drank a beer.

Temperatures are a bit more reasonable now, so I'm back at it.  I'm at T minus 15 days till Mom's birthday, during which time I will attend Sock Summit, complete the Desert Rain pattern layout, package a bunch of knitting kits, and prepare a talk for an appearance.  No Sweat.  Well, ok, a modicum of sweat, but mostly because it's still way stinking hot.  Oh, and there's mandatory overtime at work, so I've been at the office for about a million hours this week.  Good thing my family are self-winding.  The whole "working full time" thing is really starting to crowd my knitting, ya know?

In other news, an extremely gifted goldsmith I know has created the following works of art for Mom's sweater:  Faery Ring Buttons!

I totally cannot stand how freaking beautiful these buttons are.  The ones for Mom's Red Faery are (naturally) the silver ones with garnets, in the center of the top row.  Those are real garnets, set in fine silver, by the way.  It's a dream come true for me: Real Sweater Jewelry, which no one else is making, to my knowledge.  Stay tuned for links to the website where you can get these, and other mind-blowingly beautiful baubles.  Know what I love most about these little faeries?  Their wee cutaway coats, hats and pointy shoes.  And wings.  And sparkly jewels.  And the little ring of mushrooms around the edge, which represent a real faery ring.  Killer.  Totally Killer.

In unrelated  news, I'm told by alert readers that my book is featured in the new issue of Interweave Knits.  I haven't seen it yet, myself, but I plan to pick up a copy on the way home from work.  If you have one laying around, take a look!

Saturday I get to go on a date with Phillip, to the 40th birthday party of one of our best friends.  Double bonus: Big fun with people I love, and grownup time with husband!