Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Three Bags Full

Here is the story of my big weekend at the Black Sheep Gathering, told in pictures:

I saw wheels.  Lots and lots of wheels.  This is the view from behind mine, at the first of three different spinning classes I attended.  You can't see me in this picture, but I look smarter already.

And there were Sheep.

Little Sheep

Big Sheep

Sheep just hanging around looking adorable

And sheep getting cool summer haircuts.  Which led (naturally) to

Fiber artists buying fleeces.  Here my pal Carson demonstrates the gentle art of choosing a fleece:  1. Test for strength and soundness, 2. Check for excess dirt and vegetable matter, and 3. Assess the General Smooshy Goodness.  This is a picture of step 3, which I later went on to execute, myself.  More on that next time.

For now I will leave you with the recipe for a perfect weekend:

Take one BFF, add several new friends, a liberal splash of good wine, and mix well in a four-day sheep-and-wool-a-palooza.  Take as many servings as you can - it's a rare treat.