And The Winner Is...

And The Winner Is.jpg

Congratulations to reader Janina, for her prize-winning entry in our "Name the 6-Bobbin Plying Kate" Contest!  I hereby proclaim that the device formerly known as "Mommy's Yarn-making Thingy", "The Katinator", and "What Was That Spooly-thing Again?" will henceforth and forevermore be called...

The Crazy Kate!

Thank you Janina, for your delightful play on words, and for contributing the final piece to the 6-bobbin plying Kate puzzle.  It's important that things all have their proper names, yes?

Janina will be receiving a skein of handspun yarn, made from handpainted fleece from Wales, as her prize.  I also offer a congratulatory round of applause for all of the other delightful entries I received. Thank you for joining in and playing along.

Tomorrow I depart for the Black Sheep Gathering, where all things fleecy can be learned, bought, sold and coveted.  If I don't come home with an actual sheep, it won't be my fault.  Just a BIT excited.  I will report back with all the details on Monday.  In my absence, the extremely talented and notably forthright Phillip will offer you a guest post.  I have no idea as to its subject, but I can promise that Mr. Huff's unique perspective will both entertain and enlighten.  He has the best of all possible worlds, after all:  Gets to live with a Knitter, AND Gets to appreciate her yarn collection. 

Lucky Sod.