This has been another of those weeks where nothing is quite working.  The children finished their school year, but Phillip didn't.  So the smallies went to Grammy's House (lucky them).  But rather than embrace our childless evenings, Phillip and I managed not to even see much of each other (he worked late doing end-of-the-year things).  I have gobs of knitting work to do, but I fell asleep before 10 PM every night this week.  I remembered my cell phone, but forgot to charge the battery.  I found my lost debit card, but there was no money in that account.  There is some cosmic balancing act afoot, and I seem to be on the receiving end.  Not that anything horrible has gone wrong, exactly, but nothing has gone extremely right, either.  Oh well, can't complain: as long as I have yarn.

Next week (not sure yet which day) I am planning to offer my very first self-published pattern for sale.  You will find it here, and on Ravelry too.  I've been working on this one since the middle of February, so I hope you will think that it's worth the wait.  It's called Sommelier, and it was inspired by all things Wine.  The buttons (funny how often it begins with a closure) have grapes on them, which inspired me to think about all the colors grapes come in, and the design unfolded from there.  It's fun to knit, really versatile, and doesn't require too much yarn.  There are two variations in the pattern, and you could easily work out others, by changing lengths, openings, and sleeves.  It's a great jumping-off place for your own ideas, or you can keep it simple and make it just as directed for a relaxing summer project. 

Next week I will also be announcing the winner of the "Name the 6-Bobbin Kate" Contest.  It's not too late to enter - just post a comment or use the contact form to send me your idea of the perfect name for the wee beastie.

And if that weren't enough to fill up next week, I'm also off to the Black Sheep Gathering, to learn spinny stuff, and stimulate the economy Mary Scott Huff-style:  Fiber Procurement, Baby, and lots of it.  I have barely any stash at all, which flatly will not do.  I'm also going to play with my friends, and hopefully make some new ones.  If you are going too, drop me a line!