Dye Job

I do not now, nor have I ever, claimed to be a seasoned professional in the art/science of the dye pot. 

What I am is a cheapskate in need of a bag in which to stick my new spinning wheel so that I can take it to class.  Having blown invested several months' worth of the fiber budget on a new spinning wheel, it's going to be a while before I can afford a "real" (i.e., made by someone other than myself) spinning wheel bag.  I'm fairly industrious, though, and have decided to give a whirl to making my own. 

I'm starting off with a vintage wool blanket which was donated to the cause by my mom.  The cream-colored blanket was felted long ago by some hapless sort (not Mom, for the record - she's a great respecter of wool) and is now roughly 1/2" thick.  Perfect, thought I, to cushion the wee Wheely from bumps and bruises when I drag her to the Black Sheep Gathering next month.  Except that a cream-colored bag fits neither my fancy, nor the black zipper and straps I have to install on it.  So to the dye pot I sent the pieces of my soon-to-be bag.  I was going for a deep shade of Turkey Red.  What I got was neither deep nor red.  I'd call Strawberry-Rhubarb, at best.  A closeup:

Lofty, fluffy, soft and cushion-y.  Just not red.  I do not yet admit defeat:  Rome was not built in a day, so neither will my Budget-Friendly Repurposed Blanket Spinning Wheel Bag (BFRBSW) be. 

Assault 2 on the BFRBSW will utilize Kool-Aid, and plenty of it.  No more Mr. Nice-Guy Fabric Store dye.  No Siree.  I'm declaring war on pink, and I'm willing to accept casualties.  

This is surely one of those situations where time and perseverance can be a replacement for money and skill. 


I'll report back after the second attempt.