Cloche Call

At long last, the Mother's Day hat is ready to go.  I found these buttons at the Knit and Crochet show; they are new glass made from antique (circa WW II) glass molds in the Czech Republic.  I think they have just the right something.  Sparkly but organic.  They remind me of the Depression Glass my mom collects. 

The observant among you will note that the Blue Faced Leicester cable yarn is a decidedly different shade from the Corriedale crown and rib yarn.  This is probably mostly due to the Scorching Incident (if you look closely, you can see the darker spots where the skein combusted a wee bit), but I have decided to like the subtle difference in color.  I once worked for a designer who never made anything in white - only layers of different shades of cream.  He said that one flat hue always looked dead to his eye, and he preferred the depth and texture of combining several different shades in layers.  He later went on to make my wedding gown, whose tulle skirt had no less than eight layers of fabric, no two the same shade of ivory.  He was right.  Variation is always more interesting.

This project represents several firsts:  My first handspun yarn, my first kitchen fire, my first hat with buttons.  Here's another:

My first self-portrait.  And yes, it was hard to do.