Here's the little handspun cable again, awaiting some more fiber to be procured and spun up to go with it.  Looks a bit like a long straight stretch of highway, no?  Not that the knitting road is ever straight; maybe that's why like this picture.  Looking at it reminds me that knitting itself is straightforward:

Idea + String + Pointy Sticks = Fun. 

It's all the other stuff we add to the mix that makes it challenging; things like rules and expectations and other stake-raisers that can reduce the fun side of the equation if we aren't careful to keep a little perspective.

Today is my 100th blog post, in honor of which I have created the following list of

Things I Have Done 100 times Since Beginning My Blog

            Frogged 3 or more rows of knitting

            Asked the Smallies to turn off the bathroom light (x 10)

            Stayed up way too late knitting

            Talked myself down from the brink of blowing the grocery money on yarn

            Failed to talk myself down from same (What can I say? My success rate is 50%)

            Wondered what I have done to anger the Knitting Gods

            Wondered how I ever got so lucky as to have become a knitter

            Wished I were as clever/knowledgeable/experienced as my heros

            Noticed I'm getting better, just by virtue of the constant repetition

            Explained to a non-knitter that I know you can buy sweaters at the store

            Lost my stitch marker

            Lost my place in the chart

            Lost my patience

            Found inspiration

            Found solace
            Found Religion

100 times I have come here to spill my guts to you.  100 times I have asked myself "Who cares about that anyway?".  100 times I have surprised myself, challenged myself, laughed at myself.

Thank you for being here to do it all with me.  Here's looking at the next 100 stitches.