Squirrely Little Handspun

Squirrely Little Handspun.jpg

This is the first yarn I ever made on a wheel.  I've been spinning compulsively a lot since that day, and my work has improved with practice, but this weird little ball of yarn will always be special.  Yarn Only a Mother Could Love:  uneven, overspun, underspun, kinky, and even dirty in places where it got tangled up in the flyer.  Not totally unpleasant to knit with, but certainly its value is primarily sentimental.  That's why I decided to give it to my mom.  She is a lifelong closet spinner (never got around to learning how, but always meant to) and wool-hoarder.  There is exactly enough here to make a cabled band long enough to fit around her head.  I'll get some more Blue-Faced Leicester to make the crown, and she will love it.  And appreciate it for what it is: the first of its kind. 

We are celebrating Mother's Day late this year, since I can't get up to the island to visit her till Memorial Day.  Lucky for me, the delay buys me get just enough knitting time to get it finished.  That has to be the definition of A Mother's Love: Never getting sick of the funny little hat experiments I give to her.  My earliest knitting attempts looked more like washcloths, and she wore them, too.   Whatta Mom.

May I always be proud to wear what my children make for me, no matter how old they get.