Left My Heart in San Francisco

They came.  They Knitted.  Their Hats were Mad.  Here are the Bridge Knitting Guild of beautiful San Francisco, CA, working furiously on their self-designed hats.  

Know what I love about knitters?  They are always doing something beautiful, even when they aren't trying to.  This is the setup one of my students gave himself to design a motif with.  No one could fail with colors like that; and the matching pencils to draw with...pure magic.  The resulting hat was, too.

After class, we toured the Castro neighborhood, where I took in the sights (and smells!).

Here is my best friend's Best Friend.  Her name is Lilly, and she is one rock star poochie.

I got a spinning lesson, and I'm pleased to report that both my string and my nerves held together.  Sorry, Knitting: you have to move over and make room for my new love: Making Yarn.  It is so much fun that I am in danger of giving up sleep to make more time for it.

Then I went home, where my sweet little family were waiting for me, as well as my own spinning wheel, with whom I now am friends.

I decorated it with a favorite passage.  You can do the same if you visit here They had never made a spinning wheel quote before, but I think it looks great!