Wouldn't Wanna Bug Ya

Wouldnt wanna bug ya.jpg

Tomorrow I'm off to beautiful San Francisco to combine several of my favorite activities:  Knitting Class, Visiting Friends, Drinking Wine.  Probably not in that exact order.  Here is a funny little hat I made to demonstrate several techniques that I will be teaching.  I am crazy for ladybugs!  I've long wanted to make a ladybug-something, but it's a motif that seems to get knitted by other designers pretty often, so I have not indulged until now.  Lindsay picked out the colors, and made immediate plans to wear it next winter.  I don't need a better reason than that, but using it for my class was an added incentive to get it done.  I hereby assert that hats are a more perfect knitting project than socks because you only have to make ONE.  I love them unreasonably.

There are large plans afoot for the weekend:  Carson and I are going to do a self-guided fiber crawl, upon which I cannot wait to report.  He promises that I can be taught to operate a spinning wheel, and I'm going to help him fire up his very own website (which the knitting world very much needs - wait till you see what he has to teach us!).  Oh, and the Bridge Knitting Guild and I are gonna bust out 14 hats, give or take.  Ambitious plans for 48 little hours, no? I can't wait to see what goes on!