Monday In Cleveland

Yesterday I was in Cleveland, OH, where I taped a guest segment for Interweave's Knitting Daily TV show.  Series 300 will begin airing on PBS in July, and my episode is called "Fun With Color".   More details as I have them.  The taping went fine, but I learned that Liz Gipson's theory is totally true:  TV cameras remove all of your personality and replace it with pounds of ugly fat.  Aside from that, I managed not to crash into anything on the set (at least while the cameras were running) and may have formed a coherent sentence or two, though the jury's still out on that one.

The best part of my trip was making new friends:

Here are two of  the Knitting Daily TV hosts, Shay Pendray and Eunny Jang, with me in the middle.  These ladies have The Chops, my friends:  Eunny taped six segments back to back, solo, all before lunch.  Shay conducted different guest spots throughout the day, gently steering her awkward and nervous subjects through the process so that it was over before they knew what hit them.  Just the way we like it.

I also befriended:

Spinderella Herself:  The lovely and (preternaturally) talented Abbey Franquemont, whose fourth grade hat I was gushing on about only last November.  Abby's new book is due for release at the same time as mine, so we had many notes to compare.  Getting to spend the day with this lady was absolutely the crowning blow to my resolve not to become a spinner:  It's so over now:  I'm gonna spin.  We also hatched a Cunning Plan, which will ultimately result in BIG FUN for knitters in the fall...Watch This Space!

In all, the experience was humbling, enlightening, inspiring, and exhausting.  By way of recovery I am taking the day off to hang with Phillip and the smallies, mount an assault on Mount Washmore, and other normal stuff.  Who knows:  might even knit...