Knit Much?

I know what you're thinking:  Isn't that the same sweater vest she posted day before yesterday, but WAY BIGGER NOW?  Yeah.  I've been on a bit of a knitting jag.  I surprised even myself with how fast this is going.  I put 7 inches on it in two days.  When the first 3.5 inches (hem facing no longer visible) took me three days.  Both areas contain 320 stitches in a row.  Both areas are in stockinette.  The only difference is that the first three days were worked flat, and the second two days, which included all the colorwork, were in the round.  Now let anybody try to tell you that circular knitting isn't that much faster! 

So:  How much am I in love with these colors?  That would be Madeline Tosh Grasshopper in the border background, and all the rest are Prism, notably Alpine for the main body.  While I am starry-eyed over the Tosh color, it's the Prism yarn that is knocking my (handknit) socks off here - it is some seriously squooshy, sproingy, killer yarn.  It's superwash, which causes it to be way slippery as wool goes, but also gives it a gorgeous, pearly sheen.  So. Dang. Pretty.  Here's a money shot (yarn porn, baby...oooh yeah...):

And it's not even blocked yet.  Wait till you see the buttons! 

This project is the perfect diversion at the perfect time - think of all the housework I'm avoiding!  The laundry pile groans (can't even close the laundry room door to avoid it anymore).  The kitchen floor has actual topsoil (Spring is coming: Ask me how I know).  No one has bought dog food in a while and she's beginning to eyeball the children (actually a potential win/win, if you think about it).  Don't care at all.  Nobody bug me.  I'm knitting.