Just Plain Snotty

Just Plain Snotty.jpg

A big thank you to those who advised me on my next project.  I went with the cozy cables, thinking that if Murphy's Law prevails, then the sun will come out, which would be nice, and if it doesn't, then I will still have cozy cables to enjoy.  Then I got sick.  A raspy stinkin' chest cold, with loss of voice and the whole maryanne.  And my rewrites, which I naively thought were done, all came back to be re-re-written.  Again.  And our house, along with Phillip's car were vandalized.  Don't know why us -  just one of those things, I guess.  The car is not drivable, which means that Phillip is riding my motorcycle to work, so let's hope my the cozy cable choice does cause the sun to come out: nothing yuckier than riding a motorcycle in the cold cold rain.  I promise to post with a better vibe next time, but I didn't want my devoted following to think I vanished.  Thanks for checking in!