A Little Leverage

A Little Leverage.jpg

One of the classes I attended at Madrona last weekend was centered on Lever Knitting, and taught by the unsinkable Stephanie Pearl McPhee.  It is a technique employed by the worlds fastest knitters, and also by the world's most profitable ones, in terms of speed & production.  It requires totally relearning to knit.  And by that I mean needle-dropping-bad-word-saying-yarn-tangling Total Relearning.  I am a pretty darn fast knitter, so I wouldn't feel compelled to try, except that I am not an especially ergonomic knitter.  This way is much better, and I think if I can learn to do it even part of the time, I might save myself a wrist/elbow/shoulder blowout somewhere down the road.  Of course, that requires actually practicing, which I am dutifully doing.  Naturally I required a motivational incentive (okay, it's self-bribery, but who's splitting hairs?) in the form if this fun new yarn from Crystal Palace.  I'm using colors 102 & 104 in the classic 1 X 1 ribbed scarf.  Note the new channel islands cast-on, already pressed into service.  That was probably a tactical error, since it has no corresponding bind off, but heck - I don't really have to worry about that until the end, yes?

And while I'm still on the topic of Madrona, I would like to welcome all my new friends to the blog, and encourage them to comment and share.  Thank you all for befriending me, and I promise to post all the patterns we talked about, as soon as I can.

I am up to my eyes in knitting, which is just the way I like it.  Not least of which is a new pattern for Blackwater Abbey to inspire our SPRING knitting.  Yes, I have it on good authority (well, past experience, really - it's not like I have my own private groundhog or anything) that spring will, in fact arrive at some point in the near future.  Hold on - it's bound to get here.  In the meantime, stay tuned for a super-cute vest, guaranteed to make your handknit socks go up and down.