Another Day in Paradise

Located in Spokane, WA, where the high temperature this weekend was 24 degrees Fahrenheit, (minus wind chill), it might not be the paradise you normally think of...

Another Day.jpg

Paradise Fibers operates inside this warehouse in Spokane, WA.  You may know them as outstanding online retailers of all things knitty, spinny, weavy, and yarny.  However, the warehouse is open to the public, and inside is a treasure trove.  It's not your average LYS.  The Paradise warehouse is chock-full of inventory, so while there's no room for squishy chairs (except in the classroom space), you will find whatever you're looking for in ALL the colors.  That's right.  The yarn racks at Paradise soar skyward, way higher than my head, and the needle collection hanging on the walls climbs all the way up to the ceiling (thanks, Sara, for getting the ladder to reach the 9" size 2 Addi circular I was admiring).  

Here are Sara, Chantal, Mimi and Kathleen at the book signing.  Just behind Sara in this picture, and to the left of the giant floor loom, is a collection of about 25 spinning wheels.  I got to stand in front of them to teach classes, and turn around and pet them any time I wanted (which I did).

I also met the lovely and talented Kathleen Cubeley, of Knitting Daily.  Subscribers to her insightful blog get daily updates on techniques, invitations to knitalongs, and the lowdown on new knitting publications.  You should sign up immediately, because she also is in the habit of sending out coupons and freebies, and what's not to love there?

I thought I had left Paradise, if only to eat dinner.  Little did I know that Kathleen would deliver me to the completely sublime Gordy's Sitchuan Cafe, where we ate dumplings, spicy noodles, and succulent lemon chicken.  Not much of a cook myself (smoke alarm vs. oven timer debate still undecided), I harbor deep appreciation for people who know their way around a noodle.  Let me assure you that the staff of Gordy's do.  Note also:  That is a dusting of powdery snow on the ground behind us - we so seldom see snow where I'm from that it felt like nature was throwing me a party.  

I finished a secret Christmas present on this trip, and cast on for another version of the Magic Carpet Socks - they are kinda addictive, if I do say so myself...Wait till you try them!  

And now I'm back below decks, rowing with the rest of the slaves, at my day job.  Paradise, once found,  is hard to leave behind.