Pardon Me While I Triangulate

It could be charitably understated that my relationship with direction is casual.  I think that geographical sense must be located in the same group of brain cells as mathematical abilities.  Or as I often put it: "In my other purse".  

The last time I was in a new town, there was exactly ONE turn between my hotel and the yarn shop where I was teaching.  Drove right past it.  Kept on driving for a really long time before the dawning of a sense that Something Was Wrong.  That's ONE turn, Gentle Readers.  Fifteen minutes late to my own class.  Understanding students notwithstanding, it was really embarrassing.  Really?  You're going to teach me to cut my sweater in half, but you can't manage to hang a left? 

My children, with help from their clever and resourceful father, chose a really perfect Christmas present for me this year.  Meet my new best pal, "Tom":

The best thing about this present is how it shows that my family, addition to sympathy for my directional impairment, have offered me actual help.  It's like having a little tangible bit of their love and support with me, even when I'm far from home.  And increases my chances of turning left appropriately in an exponential way.

In unrelated happy news, I promised to let my sock-loving friends know when my new Magic Carpet pattern is available, and today's the day!  Go Here, snap up one of these adorable kits, and have yourself a little Post-Christmas/Pre-New Year hoot.  The yarn and pattern are available there exclusively, so when they're gone, they're gone.  The kits even include the needles, so you have no excuse not to start knitting immediately, and when you're done (which will be before you know it), you can smugly congratulate yourself on having completed something really special, and on supporting an independent, woman-owned business.

And if anybody needs me, I'll be over here, triangulating.