God Bless Us, Every One

God Bless.jpg

I'm giving thanks today for my many blessings, among which I count you, Gentle Readers.  Thank you for your inspiration, encouragement, straightforwardness, loyalty, and patience.  Few knitters have the honor of friends like you, and I hope you know what your readership means to me.

Other blessings I am counting today include, but shall not be limited to the following:

Charts:    Can you imagine what would happen to me if all my patterns had to be written like this: "Row 1; work 3 red, 4 black, 7 red, 2 black..."?  That way lay certain madness.  To the inventer of graph paper, my Undying Gratitude.

Steeks:    Without which, I would have substantially less fun, and no one-woman crusade to spread the message to knitters. 

Yarn:        Just have to say it out loud - can't get enough of the stuff.  To the people engaged in growing it, spinning it, dyeing it and selling it, Many Thanks Indeed.

Needles:    Pointy, blunt, wooden, steel, circular, not, we love them all.  The clever souls who (continue to) invent better mousetraps for us deserve our deep and abiding thankfulness.

Stitch Markers:    Even though I make my own (lightbulb! I should make a tutorial for that!), I feel obliged to thank the intrepid knitter who devised the method of their use.  For this help, O knitter of old, whomever you are, Thank You Thank You Thank You.

Blue Painters Tape:    Okay, this might not be the first thing you think of in the realm of knitting stuff you love, but for me, it's a crucial chart-following implement.  Doesn't stick to paper charts.  Lasts longer than a sticky-note.  Costs little.  Also good for painting things, or so I'm lead to understand.

Sheep:    Because I Really. Love. Wool.

Knitting Books:    Where would the great chefs of our time be without recipes to inspire them?  Where would we knitters be without Elizabeth, and Clara, and Stephanie?  Knitting is a world in which there is room for everyone's idea. 

The Person Who Taught Us To Knit:    Thank you, Mom.  Even if you were only trying to find some way to occupy me and gain a moment's peace, Thank you.  Sitting close to someone you care about as they haltingly cause the string to loop around the sticks is a gift given to a blessed few.  My fondest wish for you, Gentle Readers, is that you will love someone enough to teach them to knit. 

Best wishes to you all for Peace, Love, and Yarn.