Old, New, Virtual Too

The Frog Prince and I are Taking A Break.

And by "Break" I mean that it's having a Time Out.  Ironically, it's almost finished.  I'm just waiting for the trim to arrive before the final steps, but I feel that I have earned some time off for good behavior (or at least tenacity), having gutted and reknit both sleeves, twice each.  By my count, that should make it a six-armed sweater.  But then I never was much for math.  Suffice to say that I (and by extension, you, Gentle Readers) are due for a break from that particular drama.  I promise this hurts me more than the Frog Prince; I'm doing it for its own good. 

By way of distraction, I offer this:

Here are two sleeves being worked at the same time.  I'm doing this so that my groovy self-striping yarn will match on both sleeves.  When they are finished, I'll cut them apart and sew seams before uniting them with the body.  This is my first-ever Elizabeth Zimmerman Percentage Sweater.  EZPS is so elegant and brilliant - no wonder everybody loves it so.  I thought I'd give it a whirl as a ramp-up to my next design, which features none other than the beautiful Toots LeBlanc yarn.  The Toots project will feature a circular yoke, which I haven't made many of.  What better way to practice than on this dreamy Paint Box?  It's color #4, "Borealis".  Did I mention I got it for free <insert gloating noises here>? My LYS has a punch card program, and the day this went on sale, I found that my punch card was also full = Instant Yarn Binge.  Total Gratification:  Free yarn to make something just for fun and with no deadline.  "Work" doesn't get any better than that.  And in case you are wondering, NO, I do NOT wish to be reminded that I had to spend seven thousand dollars to fill that LYS punch card.  And neither does my husband, lest he be sent to Time Out, too.

And speaking of "Work" (still can't always bring myself to call it a a job) this week's stop on my book tour is a Virtual one: Click Here to hear a fun interview, in which I go on (and on) about what would make a person write a knitting book about colorwork.