Things My EZPS Taught Me

Here's my finished EZPS. 

I had fun with it, despite the lessons it wanted to teach me, namely:

1.  You should remember that self-striping yarn really wants a different colorway for contrast, (like you learned the hard way last year but completely forgot about).

2.  Yoke sweaters speak in a completely different fitting vernacular (DUH.), which bears further study.  Bout a million years oughtta be enough.

3.  You can get away with stranding worsted-weight yarn, if and only if 
        a.  You are limiting the stranded areas to only part of the body (preferably a cold part)
        b.  The garment can be opened up the front for ventilation, or 
        c.  The garment will be worn only in areas devoid of central heat.  

4.  It's extremely clever to buy a bunch of buttons that you like when they are on sale, and hoard them until the day they are needed.  
        a. Unless, of course, you fail to buy the correct number of said buttons, or at least count them before deciding how many buttonholes to make.
        b. Never, ever, ever ask "What could possibly go wrong?"; see item 4a.

And now, having enjoyed this little diversion, I'll be returning to my regularly scheduled programming: 

1.  A mitten who has no mate and seems to think she'll be the subject of a class I'm teaching in less than two weeks. 

2.  A sock who is not only still single (notice a theme here?), but lacks an instep or toe, and dreams of becoming a member of a pair within its deadline.

3.  The Frog Prince, who needs some cuffs and some finishing before he can be introduced to the lovely and talented Ms. K., of Technical Editing Fame.  Might be good if I also wrote the pattern before that. 

4.  Two Top-Secret Christmas Present Projects.

5.  There is the little matter of the Relentless Atomic Knitting Book Tour, which I am still on, pretty much every second that I'm not attending the day job.  This weekend it's Seattle, which coincides nicely with Thanksgiving, and some people I know there, who, because they are related to me, are letting me and my family hang out and feast at their place.   They made me promise to bring the beer.  Done and Done.