Hands to Work, Hearts to God

I have hatched a new way to quantify the actual time and space of traveling between these States United.  I call it B to B:  Bed to Bed.  I left one bed in Fairview, Oregon at some variation of One Million O'Clock in the morning (okay, it was 5 AM), and I face-planted in my destination bed in Albany, New York at 12:30 AM.  Yes, there were one or two time changes in there, so I relied on my watch and my rudimentary math skills to determine that the actual B to B was 15.5 hours, which in human time = 4 airplanes, 3 peanut snacks, 2 loud talkers, and 1 airport beer.  I figured we'd earned it.  And a fine beer it was.  And when I say WE, I refer to my crazy-useful publicist and sometime Sister, the indomitable Susie (also a Dreadful Damsel).  Susie came with me because of:

        1.  I require constant supervision
        2.  She wanted a crash course in all things fiber (Hello? Rhinebeck?)
        3.  I promised her Beer

On our first morning, we stumbled into the town of Colonie, home of Ann Lee, which is also America's first Shaker settlement.  Due to the heroic efforts of the Shaker Heritage Society, the settlement, and its treasures of history, art and humanity have all outlived their congregation.

Here is the Official Society Cat, William, with Susie.

The Shakers were masters of organization and utility.  Need to get those chairs out of the way so you can dance?  Hang 'em high!  I'm still trying to figure out the basics of floor space vs. fiber stash.  Mother Ann could probably have helped.

I have long wished for a shaker box of my own.  Temptation, thy name is Copper Rivet.

And in case you were wondering, yes, there were leaves, and yes, we did peep.  To wit:

More fun than this has not been had at Mother Ann's joint since she was here herself.  Lucky for me, the gift shop didn't have any reproduction furniture for sale (I'd have tied a dining set to the top of a plane, for sure), and good thing the cat wasn't interested in joining us on the road.

If you have ever thought to yourself, "You know, I should really share the bounty of my good life with some people whose cause is worthy.  To whom should I send my generous cash donation?"  Here is your answer.  This history is important and beautiful, so I encourage you to give till it hurts.  Or at least order up a beautiful shaker box.