Dala Horse

Here it is:  The completed Dala Horse.  I have made some loud sweaters in my life, but this has to be in the top ten for loudest.  Total Riot.  Here's the back:

Just in case there weren't enough different motifs on it I threw in a monogram, too.  I maybe need to look into the concept of moderation.  But not today.  I love those horsies.

I also finished retooling the manuscript, which only took a week longer than scheduled.  I have a whole new shock of gray hair from it.  The difficulty of creating words is only surpassed by the difficulty of re-creating them.  I have a whole new respect for movie directors.  It's tough to watch something you struggled to create hit the cutting room floor.

So today I am luxuriating in the possibilities for what to work on next.  I could get started on a swell matching set of father and son vests I have planned.  I have not been told whether or not they are getting published yet, though, so jumping the gun could jinx me, if Murphy's Law has any say in it.  There are a number of UFOs I'm neglecting, for all the reasons everybody neglects UFOs, namely that they kinda suck.  If anybody knows a way to more kindly reassess a UFO, I'd love to hear it.  I feel bad for having fallen out of love with them.  Just not bad enough to pick them up again.  I have a swell new pile of Peace Fleece sitting here, which has been whispering to me that it's destined for the last cozy sweater of this winter.  By that I mean that my optimism for Spring is eventually going to take hold and lead me away from heavy cables and their brethren.  If I want to do any hard core snuggling under a heap of the warm stuff, now, rather than August, would be the time.  Send me your votes, will ya?  Cotton vests or Woolly cables.  Your advice is deeply appreciated.