Pallette Clenser

Pallette Clenser.jpg

Here we join the Faery Ring in progress as promised, from the bottom up.  Mom's Noro hat is temporarily sidelined due to yarn shortage.  Who knew Entrelac would require so much?  O woe is me, I have to return to the yarn store...

It's just as well though - much like eating candy all day would give a girl a toothache, knitting rainbow for too long at a stretch causes me to seek relief in the neutral.  And I do love a good sideways cable.  This would be the "Ring", up from which the rest of the sweater will grow.  Just the thing for a quiet afternoon when a hundred less-appealing things vie for my attention.  The laundry pile skulked.  The kitchen floor stayed sticky.  Dust quietly collected.  And the Faery Ring began to Happen.  Magic, I tell you.  Pure Magic.