Book Of Days

Book Of Days.jpg

I know that I am supposed to pause and reflect about the year that is about to close.  I should take the time to acknowledge each lesson learned, each new friend found and recognize closure to all things 2008.  But the truth is that I am just too stoked about the future right now to spend much precious energy looking back.

Nothing inspires me the same way as a new, blank calendar.  It's like holding the year and all its possibilities in my hand.  The pages and days are mine to fill:  What an awesome responsibility, and what an enormous freedom.  It's good to be reminded that every day is an empty box, with its own choices to be made, and that we each have the power to do it, 365 times a year.  In 2009, I'm hoping to do it well, with humility, grace, wisdom and wit.

Calendars are about planning, too.  More than just remembering who is supposed to be at the dentist next Thursday, they are about looking ahead and dwelling in the future.  Another of my hopes is that my enthusiasm for Tomorrow won't keep me from noticing the beautiful and fragile nature of Now.

And speaking of Now, I bet you noticed the provocative placement of the Faery Ring sleeve in today's photo.  I offer this glimpse as proof that I am still hard at work on it.  I had hoped to have it completely finished on New Years Day, so I could get my friend Jen to take pix of it when I see her.  I doubt I'll be able to pull it off, but you know me: Hope/Delusion springs eternal.  Either way, I promise it will be worth the wait - this sweater is completely wicked.  I am usually well and truly out of love with my designs by the time they reach this stage of completion.  Like all infatuations, my early project enthusiasm flames out, to be followed by the remaining 4 stages of sweater:

            1.        Infatuation
            2.        Passion
            3.        Complacency
            4.        Ennui
            5.        Acceptance

I'll expound on these later, but for now, just know that I am still somewhere way up between numbers 1 and 2, which is pretty rare for me when the finish line is in sight.  Wonder which will be first - 2009 or the Faery Ring?  Stay Tuned!