The Teacher's Wife Rocks

This, my friends, is big fun.  There's a reason everyone and their dog is knitting this pattern right now:  It's wicked cool!

Here's me in it:

And the rear view:

I promised it would be trapeze-y, and it is.  I promised there would be ribbons, and there are.  Aside from a slight delay in finishing brought about by a diamond ring and three dismantled sinks, which I hope I never have to tell you about, I finished it pretty quickly.  

Gotta love ribbons.  Foofy is as foofy does, I always say.  Okay, I don't always say that, but I might start saying it.  I love the swing and drape of the lower body, the texture of the top and sleeves, the squareness of the neckline.  Hey Teach looks so great on everyone (go check out Ravelry to see lots of different bodies sporting lots of different versions) because it highlights the good bits and downplays the dubious ones.  I would wear this to work, out to dinner, to teach a class, pretty much anywhere except to muck out the stalls.  Think of the possibilities with different ribbon/button combinations and the mind will surely boggle. 

Check back here soon for my pattern modifications.