Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Three Bags Full

Yes Sir.jpg

Yeah, Baby!   Prestigious plentitude!  The lovely and talented Marilyn King of Blackwater Abbey has graciously provided a big ol' pile of her dreamy yarn for a new project.  And the best part is: It's For You!  This gorgeous wool is waiting to become a new FREE PATTERN, just for you, my devoted following.  That's right, I said  FREE PATTERN, and it's all yours.  Or it will be,  just as soon as I make it up.  Which will be just as soon as I fix my little train wreck from earlier in the week.  Just as soon as I finish writing 3 more chapters and send my manuscript to the editor.  Just as soon as I design this teensy-weeensy little project that I'm under contract to provide.  Two weeks, tops, and I'll be working on it.  I have placed the yarn on prominent display in my living room as a motivational tool, which so far is working.  I can barely keep my hands off of it.  I'm not telling you anything about the free pattern yet except its name:  "Faery Ring".  I love it already, and I promise, so will you.  I'll post it here, and on Ravelry, and Marilyn will have it on her site, as well.  The color of this yarn is "Bracken", which I would describe as a Complicated Oatmeal.  Definitely has cinimmon and raisins and butter in it.  Delish.