See Notes:

My latest project management/progress tracking mechanism is to put these dumb little notes all over the place.  Each one represents a task I need to accomplish before deadline, and has been placed conspicuously so that I can't ignore it.

Having lost all perspective, I don't know whether this is Organization or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, nor do I care. 

I am really annoyed by the notes, both because they nag me, and because they occupy visual space that I need for other stuff, such as staring into nothingness.  Nothingness is of no use at all when some dumbass puts little notes all over it and turns it into Somethingness.  I predicted that this would be the case, and I was hoping that getting rid of each little note as I completed the task would be a gratifying and tangible landmark.  This was really brilliant thinking, except for one problem:  There are a bunch of things I forgot to make notes for.  So the first, like, 5 things I did after putting up the dumb little notes did not provide tangible gratification, or increase my visual space.  I'm going to stick with them, though, just to see if putting the notes into the little basket I have labeled "Done!" is going to encourage me as much as I thought.  I'll let you know.

Campbell asked me the other day what I was thinking about and I told him that I was a little worried I would run out of time for my project before getting done.  He told me that he thought I would make it, because I would "Purse Of Beer".  I knew that he meant "Persevere", but somehow the visual of a real live purse filled with beer was WAY more motivating.  If my kid believes in me, who am I to argue?  There's not much wrong in the world that a Purse Of Beer wouldn't cure.