The Teacher's Wife

How cool is this!  My first post-book recreational knitting project is a variation on Hey Teach!, from last summer's  Since I am getting around to making this when it is no longer Summer, I decided to make mine with more sleevage.  

I am using Lion (told ya I'm not a yarn snob!) Cotton Ease for the first time, and it's really a nice surprise.  Pretty darn springy as bast blends go (50% Cotton/50% Acrylic), and I really dig the "muddy" color palette.  This is called "Lime", although I think it has enough yellow in it to be called "Pear".

 I did a provisional cast-on for the bodice pieces, then seamed them and picked up to work down for the waist and lower body.  I love Helene's idea of running ribbon through the lace, so I made some extra eyelets in the waist area, and twisted the ribbing into little cables.  The sleeves are just like the original pattern, only long and with a cuff ruffle.  Would that be a Cuffle? 

 The lower body is going to be a little more trapeezy than the original, and is being worked upside down because I don't yet know how flared/long it should be, nor how much yarn I need/will use.
I can't wait to see what kind of ribbon and buttons go with this! 

I am planning post my addenda to Hey Teach! here, if I can get permission from the author to do so.  Since I am not a "Teach" myself, but married to one, I'm calling my version The Teacher's Wife.  

Next Time:  Buttons and Ribbons!