Crank It Up

I'm closing in on the deadline for samples and patterns.  It's in 14 days.  I still have a vest and a half, and a hat to knit, and 3 patterns to reverse-engineer (finished samples and cryptic construction notes are all I have to work from:  NEVER DO THAT!).  Yeah, this calls for some intensity. 

I have been fantasizing about running away to the beach to get my work done.  I am thinking jealously of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, alone in the snowy woods, finishing her last book.  Her descriptions of the absolute solitude are haunting me.  The cacophony of my life stands in sharp contrast.  The closest thing to solitude available to me is the pocket of each night between the Smallies' bedtime and Phillip beginning to nag me that I should turn in because it's getting late.  That works out to about 3 hours:  just enough time to frog the latest disaster, but not knit back to where I should have been.  Or enough time to draw a new chart, but not find all the mistakes in it.  Or enough time to feel bad about not doing laundry, but not enough to convince myself of its priority.  Probably there isn't enough time in the world for that one. 

So what's a girl to do?  My vacation time and bank accounts are both about dry, so the beach runaway dream will have to wait.  I will find the minutes and seconds inside my days in which I can be knitting, thinking, writing and working toward the goal.  And I'll just have to crank it up.  Wish me luck.