Join Mary at the Hotel Murano in Tacoma, WA this February 12-15.  This is the class lineup:



2 Strings = Not Scary

Learn everything you need to know to make beautiful stranded colowork in 90 minutes.  Students receive the class pattern "Forest for the Trees".



Stars and Stripes (NEW!)

Stars & Stripes.JPG

Learn the history and lore of Norway's famous Fana sweaters! In this 3-hr workshop, we'll explore the many possibilities for creating your very own personal Fana.  Students will receive Mary's exclusive 20-page workbook, which guides knitters through the creation of any size sweater.  Bring along yarn if you'd like to cast on right away, or use the workshop as a planning and brainstorming session before you begin.



Down The Slipper-y Slope (NEW!)

In this 3-hour class, you'll learn about different slipper architectures and construction.  Explore the knitted, felted, soled, embellished and customized slippers in Mary's slipper trunk show.  Students receive the Twinkle Toes pattern, to learn an innovative construction technique Featured in her new book, "Fun and Fantastical Slippers to Knit"



Eeek! Steeks!


This year's class project, "Butterflies",  is a stranded colowork scarf, worked in two colorways of Kauni Effektgarn.  Students receive the class pattern and yarn kit after registration. Those who elect to complete their homework can leave this 6-hour workshop with a finished project.  Everyone will learn three different techniques for working steeks, in Mary's most popular signature class.